One Astronaut’s Stunning Vine Shows a Huge Lightning Storm From Space


American astronaut Terry Virts posted a breathtaking Vine recently that showed a huge lightning storm as seen from the International Space Station. It’s the latest Vine that astronauts have been posting since they started using the app. “Massive lightning storm over India,” Virts wrote on Twitter. “A majestic performance that inspires awe and respect.”

Astronauts have recorded tons of fun footage during their time in space, including this fascinating video from Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who explained how exactly they use the bathroom in zero gravity.

[time-brightcove videoid=4229638112001]

Now that Virts, Cristoforetti and Anton Shkaplerov will be in a space longer than anticipated, perhaps we’ll see more of these short clips soon.

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Do you believe in soulmates?

Nice one.. Even I found this very cute..

In love with a twilightstar

Hello guys,

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search for their other halves.”

While going through some of the love quotes on Pinterest, this one along with its cute picture story caught my eye. It reminded me of one of my favourite books ever, ‘Brida’, written by Paulo Coelho. It spoke of soulmates, of the joy they bring into our lives, they who were once us,  who still are an integral part of our soul and the strong bond that we share with them. Those who find their soulmates in their life partners are, according to me, the luckiest people ever 🙂 . Some may not even be fortunate enough to see them ( I say, they come back for…

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Death Is But The Next Great Adventure

The World Through My Eyes...

I come from a family where everybody has its own funda’s about religion and god.

Being bought up in a family which has both Hindu as well as Sikh influences, I was always told that life is all about your Karma, and all you did in this life would ultimately come back to you.

A little mythological, but the basic thing I’ve been hearing all my life is that whatever good or bad deeds you do, they go with your spirit after you die. Heaven or hell would be decided based upon these deeds.

It will all ultimately come down to your death.

Strangely, all these ideas and rules about what you should do in this life are made by people who are still alive and have therefore no idea about what death is.

Though the holy book “The Bhagwad Gita” where the concept of karma is explained is believed…

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A Morning in Bhaktapur…

L i m i t l e s s S k i e s

A Flight of Fantasy A Flight of Fantasy

Morning light streaked through the apex of Dattatreya temple. Slurping hot, sugary tea, I sat on a corner of Dattatreya Square, watching a dog that was stuck in its puppy hood – it ran amidst a flock of pigeons trying to catch the fluttering birds.

Meanwhile in rest of Bhaktapur, devout women worshipped flat stones that laid in front of their houses with flowers and food. These offerings were a favourite with local fauna like feral pigeons, stray poultry and dogs.

“The stones represent Kul Devata (family deities)”, one shopkeeper had explained.

Women also placed offerings at various street corners and places… those might have been statues of Gods that fell during the 1934 earthquake. Durbar Square or Palace Square had lost a third of its monuments and buildings in the same earthquake.

Durbar square housed the palace of Malla Kings. The palace had been converted to a museum and it housed Taleju…

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